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Picture of Beautiful White Cats

What a face, what a floooof!

White cats make up such a small percentage of the cat population that they are truly impressive to witness. They appear like ghostly phantoms on stealthy wings as they move. If you have ever been blessed to own a white cat, or you currently have one, you have already been witness to their charms and handsome demeanor. Often a little spot of black or a patch of colored fur will add a touch of  sophistication and personality to the cat. No matter if they are quirky or cute, social or independent, there is something mystical and dramatic in these animals and these pictures capture some of this fleeting spirit.

Casper & Lily: Wonderful White Cats Casper & Lily: Wonderful White CatsCasper & Lily are our two amazing white cats. Rescues from the local SPCA they came into our lives at the right time for all of us. We had just lost our friend Jasper, a sable Burmese Cat, to cancer suddenly and were drawn by destiny to visit the SPCA to discover the two amazing ...

Beautiful Big Cat Pictures Beautiful Big Cat PicturesWhenever I see a majestic big cat I am thankful that I can have a domesticated smaller version at home. Whenever I am at a zoo and can see the wild cats I am amazed at the stature, size and strength of the big beasts. What strikes me is how muchΒ  our small indoor cats ...

Weird Cat Androids & Hybrid Cat Avatars Weird Cat Androids & Hybrid Cat AvatarsLooking for an avatar for your forum or Facebook page? Here are some odd creations, some modified white cat avatars to inspire a bit of queasiness and freakishness for cat lovers everywhere. These customized creations are perfect for showing off a the alien cats that could only exist in science fiction or the anime cartoon ...

Smiling White Cat

Smiling White Cat

Sleek White Cat With Lovely Ears

Sleek White Cat With Lovely Ears

White Cat in the Garden on a Stump

White Cat in the Garden on a Stump

Fall colors and a white cat.

Fall colors and a white cat.

White Maine Coon

White Maine Coon

White Turkish Angora with Black Spot

White Turkish Angora with Black Spot

Thin white cat delicatly sitting on wood floor

Thin white cat delicately sitting on wood floor

Backlit White Cat with Red Berries

Backlit White Cat with Red Berries

Some of these amazing pictures of white cats are ones I found on the Adobe Stock Photo website. I liked them so much we licensed them to use on this website. I hope you enjoy them too! All the photos of Casper, Belle, Lily and Alaska were taken by us at home or on the road.

The White Fury The White Fury Casper, Belle & Lily Re-united

Stay Home Cat! Stay Home Cat!

Fresh Linens Fresh LinensAlways snug and cozy when the bed is warmed with freshly washed and dried sheets and covers.

Casper, Belle and the Manatee Casper, Belle and the Manatee Belle was so happy to meet a new friend, the Disney Manatee!

Belle & Casper Belle & CasperThis is Bell and Casper playing before bedtime October 20, 2019 going to bed tonight and tomorrow is the election in Canada good night sweet dreams my cats

Casper approaching Casper approaching I’m here.

I win! It’s a bed! I win! It’s a bed!Every night bell would knock everything off of the bedside table and every night it would get replaced on to the bedside table and then the next night they’ll would knock everything off the table again and again and again now she wins a bed has been made and she rests on a nest of ...

Belle, a real dreamer Belle, a real dreamer sweet hearted girl little deaf white cat named Belle has been less than four months since her arrival she has seen some bad things as a rural farm kitten before being fostered briefly before being spotted outside Casper, Lily, and Alaska’s home and adopted in to the white cat world family Belle is a real dreamer 😻

Belle the white cat writing songs Belle the white cat writing songs It was a very good night writing some new songs got all plugged in tuned up and had the tuna to in we were working on the songs and the new theme two should be just great I can’t wait till it’s done it was a good night driving and working on the melodies ...

Beautiful Belle Beautiful Belle Belle loves to sit in the Zen bed at the front window watching the chickadees drinking in the fountain and the morning doves in the Pinetrees. It’s one of her favourite spots in the house.

Belle will be cartoon cat in my Lana Purrrilla book series Belle will be cartoon cat in my Lana Purrrilla book seriesInspired tale of magical maybes with a raccoon in a garden and tigers on the river boulders sniffing at the roses. Have started writing and it will feature Belle as Lana Purrila and her escapades with WhiteCatWorld darlings Lily, Casper and the ominous Little Grey Thing. Can’t decide if I should go darker or something else that’s ...

.hot.lilylooks.belleleaps. .hot.lilylooks.belleleaps. The Golden Graham the bear in their pinewood white pine the autumn orange the tall tall pine. Bell likes to sit in the metal kindling rack and keeps cool on hot days the metal stays cool in the basement Lily Bell and Casper spend the evening in the wooden cabin in the basement.

White Cat Gallery White Cat GalleryWhite Cat Gallery

Wait what? Who me? Wait what? Who me?Casper does a perfect double take his eyes are amazing and the timing is just perfect comedy gold Casper is an amazing white cat with his offset eyes and big round face such a cutey!

Relapse of the Time Warp White Cat Gif Relapse of the Time Warp White Cat GifYou might think it’s a rehearsal but it’s more like bell and a Casper in the white cat black hole twisting time and space repeating repeating repeating and at the end the Furrer is flying in every direction because in space no one can hear a cat miaow!!  

Cat Skyscraper Cat SkyscraperWe replaced the big bulky kennel with this deluxe cat skyscraper. Lily and Belle are happy to test the structure, seems earthquake-proof and hurricane-resistant but Belle might prove to be a challenge!

Belle warming bowls during cupboard cleanup Belle warming bowls during cupboard cleanup Bella likes to warm the bowls whenever we do cupboard cleaning in the kitchen She brings a lot of life into the house she’s a real Pinto local

Belle The Deaf White Cat Belle The Deaf White CatThis is Belle who is a darling deaf white kitten we rescued 3 months ago. Belle loves to sit by the back door and roll on the carpet.   Sometime she sleeps against the door if we go out because she wants to make sure she knows when we come home. She always has a happy miaow ...

Deaf Kitty Belle Deaf Kitty Belle

The new den The new denAll moved in to the larger room They basically got me to give them an en-suite

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