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White Cat Breeds

White cat family is bigger than you can imagine. The popular white cats are more than their snowy look. Apart from their downy, milky long coats, the white pet could also be diverse in terms of personality, physical attributes, and origin.

It is a fact white cat has blue eyes. Otherwise, you may meet those with green, gold, and pinkish eyes. In addition to this, this feline is normally deaf that is why they are kept indoors for safety. Lastly, they may need extra care for they have higher risk of skin cancer.

If you are planning to adopt this lovable white breed of cats, you also have to be aware of its different breeds. Here are ten that will surely make you anticipate more of kitten adoption:

Sleek White Cat With Lovely Ears

Sleek White Cat With Lovely Ears

White Persian: The Most Popular White Feline

White Persian cat would always top the list of pure white favorites. It is known for its fluffy hair, smushy face, long coat, flat muzzle, as well as short legs. Over time, due to various breeding procedures, the white Persian family became shorter with faces more pushed in.

This white feline is known for being naturally quiet, reserved, loyal, and affectionate. Nonetheless, it is not advised to be kept with kids.

The Persian breed requires extra care. Every day, you have to prevent mats in its long fur by brushing. In addition to this, owners of this cat should prepare for pet insurance and regular medical checkups.

White Siamese: Asia’s Native and Classic Breed

White Siamese is also called as Wichian Mat. Apart from its pure white color, the feline also has brothers in seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac hues.

Primarily, Siamese cats are white during birth. However, its nose tips and ear edges will turn darker as they grow. As they mature, their point color will be more evident. The point color of the cat is usually found in its tail, face, ears, and legs, which are cooler areas. You will notice this when your Siamese cat becomes fat. Its body will also become darker over time.

Ragdoll Cats: A Quietly Sensitive Play Companion

Thin white cat delicatly sitting on wood floor

Thin white cat delicatly sitting on wood floor

Ragdoll cats are known to be very sensitive that they may go limp when lifted. They are not always white, but could also be found in red, lilac, blue, and cream colors. The cat is usually quiet and easy to handle. According to its owners, it is naturally neat, sweet, and obedient. It does not require much attention for its activity level is low.

White Bengal Cat: Real Beauty of a Wild Cat

White Bengal cat originates from domestic cats and Asian Leopard cat. It is known for having the beauty of wild cat with a domestic cat’s temperament. Most of the time, you will find the patterns of the cat distinctive along with its soft fur, diamond shaped eyes, and pointed eyes.

White Himalayan Cats for a Peculiar Billionaire

The white cat breed is always mistaken as Persian cat due to its smushy face, fluffy fur, and long whiskers. Despite its bored expression, the cat is known to be very affectionate. In addition to this, it could be very mild and still.

Russian White: Your Moderately Docile Cat Choice

The Russian white cat is known for its shorthair difference among white breeds. It has an average activity level and does not talk too much. It may grow from small to medium size. In addition, owners who do not have much time in grooming would love this weekly maintenance pet.

Smiling White Cat

Smiling White Cat

White Cornish Rex: Not So Average Domestic Cat

The Cornwall-originated cat is known for having no hair except for its outer fur. The outer fur is also known as guard hairs, which are only about over 10 cm in long-haired Cornish Rex and 5 cm in shorthairs. It also has awn hair or an undercoat, which is only about 1 cm long,

White Scottish Fold: A Friendly Companion With Folded Ears

White Scottish Fold is known for being very affectionate to family. The cat that could live up to 14 years is known for its odd positions. You would notice that it will act like a little frog. The breed is very smart and it even uses its ears to communicate with its chirpy voice. The cat, irrespective of being white or not, is very friendly and loves attention.

Backlit White Cat with Red Berries

Backlit White Cat with Red Berries

Van Kedisi: Weird but a Not Ordinary Street Cat

The white cat breed is known for its almond-shaped eyes and long fur. Van Kedisi could live as long as 15 years. You will find the cat odd-eyed for it has different colors of irises. Interestingly, the cats love swimming more than other breeds.

White Oriental Shorthair: Best for Cat Allergic People                 

If you want a cat that will not trigger your allergy, white Oriental Shorthair is the best option. The cat has a very striking appearance augmented by its bat-like ears and very short fur. The cat is territorial when it comes to its owner. Moreover, never underestimate this breed for it is very smart that it could interact better than a typical cat.

Use the list to choose a white cat that would suit your preferences, lifestyle, and wants. The ten aforementioned white cat breeds could serve as your initial guide before adopting a cat for your family.


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Halifax Halloween Cat Show

We had a great time at the Halloween Halifax Cat Show on the weekend. The event was held at the Halifax Forum and featured over 25 breeds and over 100 cats; we spent the whole day chatting with the breeders and watching the various rounds of judging.

It really was a “purrfect” show and we’ll be going next year for sure! It’s been our favorite event so far put on by the Fundy Fanciers Cat Club; great venue and the weather was superb for late October in Halifax!

The judges for the event were Elaine Gleason, Robert Gleason, Christine Ling, Diane Moreau, Nancy Kerr, Eleanor MacDonald, Terry Farrell, Heather MacDougall & Sandra Pringle.

It was nice to be able to sit up close with the judges and it’s so nice when they explain a bit about the cat breeds as they judge them so we could understand what they were looking for.

I’ve been to larger shows like the Montreal Cat Show and you are pretty far away from the judging table and in Halifax the spectators could sit up close and personal.

We met a white cat named Lily just like our Lily white cat! They look so similar it was so nice to see another Lily!!

We met a white cat named Lily who looked a lot like our Lily! The eyes were different color but she looked like a cousin of our Lily, and both cats are two years old so it was nice to chat with the owner.

When we spotted a sable Burmese cat we had to spend some time talking with the breeder. We have our beautiful Blue Burmese, Alaska, and her brother Jasper, who has passed away, was such a loving cat and when we saw the Burmese kitty it was too much to resist. The breeder was named Theo and was very nice, we might adopt a senior Burmese cat to give a companion to Alaska who has been a bit lonesome since her brother died.

We met a beautiful sable Burmese cat who reminded us so much of our dear Jasper who is no longer with us.

The Halloween decorations were so much fun and really added an ambiance to the cat show; it’s fun when a show is scheduled during a festive time of year like Christmas or Halloween so the thematic flavors of the period can add to the enjoyment of the event.

My particular favorite cats were :
Brown patched tabby and white female Norweigian Forest cat named “Catequil Chole of Kerrisma”
Blue silver spotted male Turkish Angora cat named “Gillies Mithril of Lonecat”
Silver tabby & white Turkish Angora named “Lonecat Chance-Of-Rain Of Finnland”
Sable female Burmese cat named “Hali of Seasedge”
Ebony and white female Oriental Shorthair cat named “Amourchat Viraj”
Sepia neutered Singapura cat named “Diogenoir’s Moonbeam of Finn Farm”

and of course…the white beauty Lily!

I love the official names of the cats, when we meet them in their kennels as they snuggle in their beds they are introduced as something like “Beamer” and the official name is “Diogenoir’s Moonbeam of Finn Farm” which is so much more regal and in the case of little Beamer, so appropriate because that little Singapura was simply devine!

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