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wcw-cat-leaning-on-backCasper & Lily our our lovely white cats and Alaska is our gentle blue Burmese girl. We are blessed to have them with us now and to have shared time with other incredible cats over the years. Our lovely sable Burmese cat Jasper who passed away too young, our black rescue cat Pauline who enjoyed a peaceful old age with us. Our cats create a special, invisible bond between friends and family who have cats. There are common threads that entwine us with our cats; stories and life events shared that create a rich tapestry for the soul.

We want to share the pictures and stories of our cats and others like us who just couldn’t imagine not being around cats and sharing this brief life with us.

Cats Of Twitter Cats Of TwitterCats Of Twitter

Boo The Deaf Kitty Boo The Deaf KittyLast year Casper wanted to have his own Twitter page because it seemed all the cute and cool cats were on Twitter and he wanted to get in on the action. After seeing the hastags like #kittyloafmonday and #jellybellyfriday he knew he had found a fun place so he joined Twitter and started tweeting some ...

The Daily Purr: Cat Picture of the Day The Daily Purr: Cat Picture of the DayThese are the latest updated photos of Casper, Lily, Belle and Alaska as well as any cats, kitties and creatures we meet along the way while we’re at home or on the road visiting, exploring and looking for cats around the town and around the country! The pictures are taken and sent from our iPhones ...

Alaska & Jasper Alaska & JasperJasper & Alaska are amazing Burmese cats. Alaska is a blue female Burmese and is a gentle soul with a kind heart. Her brother is Jasper, a sable colored handsome Burmese. Sadly Jasper passed away suddenly from a lung cancer. We were heartbroken to lose our Jasper and Alaska lost her companion and brother whom ...

Sookie & Mister Sookie & Misterย  I have strangest roommates. They are an oddball pair, middle aged, both pudgy around the middle rather on the lazy side. He is mellow, most of the time being as chill as Buddha, while she is high strung and often demanding. Somehow, they have made it through as a committed couple for the better part ...

Alexandra’s Cat Alexandra's Cat Bringing a cat into your home might not seem like much of hassle, but for people that haven’t had the chance to raise a cat before, it may not be such a predictable experience. You need to be acquainted to some of the quirks cats present and learning a few tricks would be immensely ...

Tigger TiggerMy mom has always had a special soft spot for orange cats, and she just couldnโ€™t say no when our vet called saying there was a kitten there in need of a home. He came to us with the name Tarzan but was soon renamed Tigger, and thereโ€™s a common theme to these names you ...

Minzy MinzyThis is my cat, Minzy. Back in 2009, my dad and I were looking through some newspapers and chanced upon an ad stating that there was a cat up for adoption in the city nearby. Without giving it much thought, we drove over and took her in. Minzy was a stray cat, and had been for ...

Ringo Ringo A Mouthful of Moss The first time he brought the moss in I thought it cute and kind of funny. A mound of dirt sewn together with a root system belonging to a crown of green fuzz, dropped with a thud on my white carpet by my eccentric Birman cat Ringo. It left a mark. Why he ...

Spark & Ember Spark & EmberIn February, my four kids and I lost our home to a fire. A wiring issue caused a light in our kitchen to catch fire in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, everyone was able to get out of the house, and I called 911 as we watched our house go up in flames. Obviously, ...

Mouse & Pickle Mouse & PickleWhen my daughter was small, we had a beautiful black cat named Pierre, and they were constant companions. Lily loves every animal big or small, but this boy was her world. He began getting sick with urinary infections though, and every time we got him well we only had a few weeks before his pain ...

Nando NandoMy life started out as one of seven in a litter of either all gray or all black kittens in a shelter across town. I looked like my mom a Russian blue. My siblings and I were named after the seven dwarfs but that never made a lot of sense to me. The shelter employees say ...

Embers EmbersI grew up with cats. Actually I grew up with lots of pets, but we always had at least one cat. My Mom was (and is) the definition of an animal lover. I can remember rescuing strays, stopping to help lost pets, and often going to the local animal shelters to give the pets waiting ...

Remembering Our Dear Pauline Remembering Our Dear PaulineLend Me a Kitten I will lend to you for awhile a kitten, God said. For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he’s dead. Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three. But will you, ’till I call him back, take care of him for me? He’ll bring his charms to gladden you and, ...

Cat Skyscraper

We replaced the big bulky kennel with this deluxe cat skyscraper. Lily and Belle are happy to test the structure, seems earthquake-proof and hurricane-resistant but Belle might prove to be a challenge!


by S Hartwell

She lies there gently breathing,
And she’d like for you to know,
That she’s reached the final crisis And it’s time for her to go.
She needs a little help now,
To ease her from this life,
There’s nothing left but suffering,
You can see it in her eyes.
The vet has got the answer,
To end her pain and fear,
That last act of compassion,
For a friend you love so dear.
So save her from those last days,
She deserves a final peace,
It’s a mercy,
not betrayal,
To ease her into sleep.
I know your heart is broken,
Though the pain,
in time,
will ease,
And at Heaven’s gates she’s waiting,
On the threshold of a dream.


by Anon

It seems that I’ve reached Heaven,
or its doorstep at any rate,
And been winding round St Peter’s ankles by the Pearly Gates,
I’ve plucked the angels’ harp-strings and made a merry sound,
But it’s plucking at my heartstrings that you are not around.
So I think I’ll sit and wait here,
just outside the door,
And as the souls come floating in,
I’ll tap them with my paw,
And when you seek admittance,
they’ll rename this place –
It will become Purradise,
and these the Purry Gates!


by Marie Anthony

My very dear Master and his Lady Wife I am really enjoying this lovely new life;
The milk is like nectar,
the food is ambrosial;
When I get my wings up I must pay you a call And sun-bathe awhile in the old tortoise house Oh,
Iโ€™ve just met a young monkey and a little white mouse And Iโ€™ve chummed up with Colombe,
a nice turtle dove;
Of course our dear Jenny is here and sends you her love;
And Pussy,
โ€˜the pretty cat from Eighty Two,
Archway Roadโ€™,
And a budgie,
a froggie (heโ€™s English!) and even a toad.
I think of you often;
I have never forgotten And please,
you mustnโ€™t ever feel rotten About that Last Kindness.
You were truly my friend,
You lovingly stayed with me right to the end But,
you see,
it isnโ€™t The End;
itโ€™s more A Beginning,
You should just hear the purring,
the cooing and singing! Though thereโ€™s no bicycle here upon which to abide A sagacious old donkey often gives me a ride.
I feel and I know that you both are near.
Guess what?
Three hearty Miaows! Now I can hear.


by W Girt

If ever I get to Heaven,
Peter let there be Purring by the Golden Gates,
a cat to welcome me.
By crystal fountain,
clear and cool,
I’d like a place to stop,
To watch a languid pussy paw curl out to catch a drop.
And if an angel feather drifts gently down from space,
Surely there’ll be a kitten there to whirl in frenzied chase.
But if,
in Heaven’s great mansions,
for a cat there is no room,
Then Peter,
lock the gates gain – I’m going straight back home.