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White Cat World Favorite Products For Our Cats

blue-burmese-cat-fetching-toyCannabinoid nutrition for Happy Healthy Pets Our house has lots of room for our cats and our cats are pretty much spoiled. There are perches and beds all over the house, we have climbing poles in a couple of rooms, litter boxes on both floors of the house, lots of plush little toys and snuggle spots for them to sleep.

After so many years with cats we’ve gone through many different cat toys, types of food, bedding, blankets and costumes so we thought we’d share some of the best products we’ve found just in case you hadn’t heard of them although knowing us cat people there isn’t much in the pet stores we haven’t bought!

Funny thing is that no matter what toy we get for the cats they still seem to be happiest with just a piece of string!

Cat Shirts You’d See On The Big Bang Theory I have a cat shirt for almost every occasion! I have my “Space Cat” T-Shirt to wear when I go to cat shows and I have my cool “Cat Scan” T-Shirt that I wear to travel. In fact I think I would have a harder time to find a shirt that doesn’t have a cat ...

Cannabis For Cats CannaPet has a special blend of Cannabis derived strains, frequently referred to as hemp, that have been designed to enhance the medical benefits of the cannabis plant while minimizing the ‘high-inducing’ concentrations of THC. This original, cat-friendly product, contains a combination of phytocannabinoids (the main group of compounds in hemp) and terpenes which help to ...

Is This The World’s Best Cat Box? We have five cat boxes at home for our three cats and they get cleaned everyday. It’s a big chore but it’s a part of our routine and we’re used to it and the cats often flock around us while we do it so it’s kind of a family time! 🙂 We see all kinds of ...

Cats Love The Yellow Banana Toy Ever since Jasper, our sable Burmese cat, got his banana toy he loved it! He would snuggle it, chase it, bite it, do the kick-a-roo moves with it! He was adorable! Alaska, our blue Burmese girl, also got a kick out of it whenever Jasper let her play with it. She would chase it, toss it ...

Favorite Cat Books Some of our favorite cat books, everything from cat encyclopaedia to cat fiction and the true cat stories about special cats. There is always so much to learn and incredible tales to immerse yourself in! I usually scour the local Value Village for reference books on cats and whenever I see something interesting in fiction with cats ...

The Automatic Cat Feeder When Casper and Lily came to live with us from the SPCA we needed to find a way to control feeding at home because our cat Alaska is a small kitty who eats a bit at a time when she is hungry and Casper & Lily were used to different feeding conditions and tended to ...

Cat Window Perch I wasn’t sure if the cats would like the window perch when I brought it home from the pet store but after I saw their reaction to the first one I installed in the kitchen I had to get another window perches! The cats just love them! We have one heated perch for our kitchen window ...

Luuup Litter Box Most cool cat owners have heard of the Luuup cat box system, the new space age, IKEA meets UBER sifting cat toilet for trendy lofty types! We’re still waiting for ours to arrive before we review the Luuup but with 3 cats in the house we’ll have pleanty of test subjects to try out the ...

Our Cats Love The Crazy Circle I think the first Crazy Circle cat toy we bought for our cats was a second hand one we saw at the thrift store. I didn’t have much hope in the toy as it looked pretty simple and I figured the cats would get bored or frustrated playing with it. The idea is so simple: a yellow ...

Our Cats Love The Cat House The Baza Grande Cat Tower offers cat’s plenty of opportunities to explore, scratch or simply relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on the durable sisal scratching posts, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. For a welcome retreat, your feline can curl up inside the cozy condo, or lounge inside the ...

Cat Stroller Adventures All of our cats are indoor cats and the closest they get to the outdoors is when they watch out the window on one of the many window perches and cat trees around the house or when we are coming or going and they take a peek outside while the door is open. In the Summer ...

Snuggle Bug Cats

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Aggressive Cat Shocks Mom By Becoming A Snugglebug | This grumpy-faced rescue cat attacked her new mom at first — but look at her now You can ...

Teaching a calm cat to become a lap cat cuddle-bug

Many cats simply aren't used to being cuddled. How to help your calm house cat learn to be a loving lap cat. Advice from a veterinarian. Free per advice is ...

Pet Flys Cheetah & Brown Reversible Snuggle Bug

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as of March 21, 11:21 PM


  • Compact, soft, lightweight carrier with 37" shoulder strap, soft pillow & blankie included
  • Roll down sides and add pillow for a snuggly pet bed, roll up sides for a cozy burrow bed or strap over passenger head rest for a secure car seat!
  • Machine washable and Made in the USA!
  • Accomodates pets up to 16lbs
  • Available in 8 Unfurrgetable Fashions: Black,Brown,Brown Cheetah, Purple Cheetah,White Siberian Tiger,Blush&Cream Leopard, Black&Camo or Denim&Stripes!

GUND Cozys Collection Cat Stuffed Animal Plush, White, 8"

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as of March 21, 11:21 PM


  • Cozy collection features special plush material that's familiar as an old friend
  • Kitty cat plush toy is perfect for cuddling
  • Surface-washable construction for easy cleaning
  • Appropriate for ages 1+
  • 8 inches (20.32 cm)

10 Cat Breeds That Love To Snuggle -

Cats are stereotyped as being not cuddly (cultivated by non-cat people for the most part) especially when compared to dogs. And while there are cats out there that prefer admiration at a distance, there are also plenty of breeds that are known for being attention-seeking cuddle bugs.

Our Cats - Angelfire

One cat soon became more and now my house is full of love. I am primarily showing in TICA but do occasionally show in CFA. I am proud to say I have TICA'S 2002 Cat of the Year and have received many Regional wins through out the years with my cats.

Pet Snuggle Beds -

Pet Snuggle Beds. Pets. Dogs. Dog Beds. Pet Snuggle Beds. ... Pawsse Dog Cat Puppy Snuggle Blanket Plush Sherpa Micro Fleece Pet Throws Cushion Mat for Small Animals Large Size 60”x49 ... Product - Pink Party Dots Reversible Snuggle Bugs Pet Bed, Bag, and Car Seat All-in-One. Product Image. Price $ 87. 14.