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by S L Smith

Farewell familiar Earth,
I am no longer prone
To Earthly gravity which weighs down frail flesh and bone;
My soul is lighter than the feather which on the scales of justice lies,
And now I dance on sunbeams beyond Earth’s cloud-studded azure skies.
A far more sad farewell I bid to those who loved me well,
For while I dance light-pawed in paradise,
my absence brings them hell,
Do not prolong your sadness,
for I know that ere too long we’ll meet again,
And you can rest assured that I’m gone far beyond all suffering or pain.
Do not feel guilty,
or think that I have felt betrayed,
Because you had to lend a helping had to ease me towards my grave,
And do not feel that you betray me when you take a new cat to your heart,
You will need mortal feline company to fill the time while we remain apart.
Farewell familiar Earth,
I am no longer prone,
To the pain of age,
and cancers which in my flesh had grown,
Now I dance on sunbeams beyond those broad cerulean skies,
And betimes I will gaze down upon you,
with gentle,
emerald eyes.

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