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Crazy Cat Shirts


by S Hartwell

I bequeath my favorite cat bed To the cat who comes after me,
I sleep now in a bed of clouds,
Softer than earthly fleece.
To the cats who follow after,
I bequeath my favorite toys,
My beat up mouse,
my feather wand,
The things that gave me joy.
To the cats who follow in my wake,
I leave my bowl and dish,
And hope that they’ll be ever-full
Of milk and meat and fish.

To the cats who tread my paw-prints In your many years to come,
I leave my secret hideaways
And my places in the sun.
I know that there’ll be others,
And to them I now bequeath,
The cuddles,
strokes and kind words,
This is my legacy.
I know it won’t be right away,
The wound in your heart is raw,
But I’m certain there’ll be others
To follow in my paws.

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