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by Marie Anthony

My very dear Master and his Lady Wife I am really enjoying this lovely new life;
The milk is like nectar,
the food is ambrosial;
When I get my wings up I must pay you a call And sun-bathe awhile in the old tortoise house Oh,
Iโ€™ve just met a young monkey and a little white mouse And Iโ€™ve chummed up with Colombe,
a nice turtle dove;
Of course our dear Jenny is here and sends you her love;
And Pussy,
โ€˜the pretty cat from Eighty Two,
Archway Roadโ€™,
And a budgie,
a froggie (heโ€™s English!) and even a toad.
I think of you often;
I have never forgotten And please,
you mustnโ€™t ever feel rotten About that Last Kindness.
You were truly my friend,
You lovingly stayed with me right to the end But,
you see,
it isnโ€™t The End;
itโ€™s more A Beginning,
You should just hear the purring,
the cooing and singing! Though thereโ€™s no bicycle here upon which to abide A sagacious old donkey often gives me a ride.
I feel and I know that you both are near.
Guess what?
Three hearty Miaows! Now I can hear.

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