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I win! Itโ€™s a bed!

Every night bell would knock everything off of the bedside table and every night it would get replaced on to the bedside table and then the next night they’ll would knock everything off the table again and again and again now she wins a bed has been made and she rests on a nest of a victorious fleece bravo Bell you win!

Belle, a real dreamer

sweet hearted girl

little deaf white cat named Belle

has been less than four months since her arrival

she has seen some bad things as a rural farm kitten before being fostered briefly before being spotted outside Casper, Lily, and Alaska’s home and adopted in to the white cat world family

Belle is a real dreamer 😻

Belle the white cat writing songs

It was a very good night writing some new songs got all plugged in tuned up and had the tuna to in we were working on the songs and the new theme two should be just great I canโ€™t wait till itโ€™s done it was a good night driving and working on the melodies as well itโ€™s going to be a perfect song and we also did the artwork were trying to send you for something different bell

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Beautiful Belle

Belle loves to sit in the Zen bed at the front window watching the chickadees drinking in the fountain and the morning doves in the Pinetrees.

Itโ€™s one of her favourite spots in the house.

Belle will be cartoon cat in my Lana Purrrilla book series

Crouching tiger, hidden Belle

Inspired tale of magical maybes with a raccoon in a garden and tigers on the river boulders sniffing at the roses.

Have started writing and it will feature Belle as Lana Purrila and her escapades with WhiteCatWorld darlings Lily, Casper and the ominous Little Grey Thing.

Can’t decide if I should go darker or something else that’s already been done, like comedy cute. Can cartoon cats capture personalities and express themselves as beings different

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