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by S L Smith

Paw-prints in the sands of time,
Tracks along an empty beach,
Towards a fate which is not mine,
A destiny out of my reach.
You’ve gone where I will some day follow,
But for now you’re out of sight,
Your years with me was time just borrowed,
Before you returned to heaven’s light.
No longer in my sight,
you vanished,
Through the veil of time and space,
In my memory you are cherished,
Ambassador of feline race.
Time and tides sweep clean your paw-marks,
Another’s paws will tread anew,
But you carved paw-prints in my own heart,
Eternal love-prints,
etched by you.
One day I’ll see your paw-prints glowing,
Sparkling in the morning dew,
Guiding me at my time of going,
Leading me sunwards,
back to you.
Author’s note: Every time I look at my driveway I see the pawprints of a little cat who walked across wet cement many years ago.
She has made her own journey to the next world,
but one day I will see a trail of sparkling paw-prints ahead of me.
Those paw-prints will lead me back to her side.
Until then,
those eternal pawprints help keep her memory safe in my heart.

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