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White Cat Breeds

White cat family is bigger than you can imagine. The popular white cats are more than their snowy look. Apart from their downy, milky long coats, the white pet could also be diverse in terms of personality, physical attributes, and origin.

It is a fact white cat has blue eyes. Otherwise, you may meet those with green, gold, and pinkish eyes. In addition to this, this feline is normally deaf that is why they are kept indoors for safety.

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6 Most Common Cat Problems & Illnesses

The domestic cat is one of the top three cleanest animals on the planet. Quite a number of people believe cats may actually be the most hygienic, since they are fond of bathing and spend considerable amount of time grooming themselves.

Unfortunately, no degree of self-maintenance can make a cat immune to all diseases. It is Mother Nature showing one of her most ignoble (or noble if you’re a strong believer in the “inevitable cycle of life” concept) eccentricities.


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Picture of Beautiful White Cats

What a face, what a floooof!

White cats make up such a small percentage of the cat population that they are truly impressive to witness. They appear like ghostly phantoms on stealthy wings as they move. If you have ever been blessed to own a white cat, or you currently have one, you have already been witness to their charms and handsome demeanor. Often a little spot of black or a patch of colored fur will add a

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Cat Breeds Well Suited For Seniors

It’s hard to determine which cat will be best suited for a home with a senior citizen. Unfortunately you can’t tell which one is right for you just by looking at them. It is important to take into consideration the nature of the breed, their energy level and how much attention and care they will need.

Cats can live up to fourteen years and you should consider if the senior citizen wants to make that kind of commitment. You may

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White Cats Vs. Albino Cats

Albinism and White Cats

Nonetheless, more important than the cool fact that white cats often have odd eyes is the fact that White Cats are not always Albino Cats. Much like humans on the surface, but a lot different on the genetic side of things.

I’d give you a short explanation and then a long one.

In a nutshell, non-albino white cats are white because they have a gene for white coat that suppresses the genes of other colors. On

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