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KittyClysm* A blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers everywhere. Join my pet Avery and I in our own little corner of the feline-obsessed world. Facts about cats, cat stories, training tips, & pet care advice. I talk as much as I can about it all here! Check out Elise and her great blog:

Online Nursing Guide for Cats and Kittens  The website is from the Duquesne University School of Nursing and has great information for learning about

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White Cat Breeds

White cat family is bigger than you can imagine. The popular white cats are more than their snowy look. Apart from their downy, milky long coats, the white pet could also be diverse in terms of personality, physical attributes, and origin.

It is a fact white cat has blue eyes. Otherwise, you may meet those with green, gold, and pinkish eyes. In addition to this, this feline is normally deaf that is why they are kept indoors for safety.

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6 Most Common Cat Problems & Illnesses

The domestic cat is one of the top three cleanest animals on the planet. Quite a number of people believe cats may actually be the most hygienic, since they are fond of bathing and spend considerable amount of time grooming themselves.

Unfortunately, no degree of self-maintenance can make a cat immune to all diseases. It is Mother Nature showing one of her most ignoble (or noble if you’re a strong believer in the “inevitable cycle of life” concept) eccentricities.


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The Automatic Cat Feeder

When Casper and Lily came to live with us from the SPCA we needed to find a way to control feeding at home because our cat Alaska is a small kitty who eats a bit at a time when she is hungry and Casper & Lily were used to different feeding conditions and tended to eat as much food as possible at once and they would be trying to eat poor Alaska’s food.

We tried the microchip feeders, one for

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Cat Window Perch

I wasn’t sure if the cats would like the window perch when I brought it home from the pet store but after I saw their reaction to the first one I installed in the kitchen I had to get another window perches! The cats just love them!

We have one heated perch for our kitchen window where they like to take turns sleeping or watching the birds and in the bedroom they love to hop up in the morning and

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