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Casper & Lily: Wonderful White Cats

Casper & Lily are our two amazing white cats. Rescues from the local SPCA they came into our lives at the right time for all of us. We had just lost our friend Jasper, a sable Burmese Cat, to cancer suddenly and were drawn by destiny to visit the SPCA to discover the two amazing young cats who were looking for a home. These are some pictures of our fantastic white cats!

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Videos & Youtube Cats

These are from our White Cat World Youtube Channel. Some of the videos and slideshows are of our white cats Casper and Lily but we also have videos of some of our other cats Alaska & Jasper and cat friends we have met over the years. There are also some big cat videos, not always white cats, from zoos and animal parks we have visited. Enjoy! Please leave a comment or suggest a video if you’d like to share!

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Superstitions, Legends & Symbolism Of White Cats Around The World

When you think about the adorable nature and endearing curiosity of your pet cat, itโ€™s not far-fetched to contemplate the delightful relationship between humans and pet cats in general.

This relationship is a legacy that extends back to over 9,500 years ago. Understandably, for a legacy this long, the innate behavioral patterns and biological characteristics of cats have fueled deep-rooted speculation.

Over time, these speculations informed mythical beliefs and legends. Just as importantly, these myths were subject to changes and

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Picture of Beautiful White Cats

What a face, what a floooof!

White cats make up such a small percentage of the cat population that they are truly impressive to witness. They appear like ghostly phantoms on stealthy wings as they move. If you have ever been blessed to own a white cat, or you currently have one, you have already been witness to their charms and handsome demeanor. Often a little spot of black or a patch of colored fur will add a

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Common Health Concerns of White Cats

White cats are naturally more beautiful than other cats due to their aesthetic features. Their pure white fur matched with eyes that may be blue, golden, or green make them even prettier. In spite standing out among other cats, they are traditionally prone to illnesses.

It is sad knowing how a pristine beauty could be affected by health problems. Nonetheless, you could do much more than worry โ€“ study the issues and devise a plan to take care of your

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