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The Big Cat Videos

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida makes amazing videos about the cats they rescue, save and rehabilitate at their facility. They are the world’s largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated to helping and saving abused and abandoned big cats. If you aren’t able to visit them in Florida you can watch all their videos on their YouTube channel and we put their video channel here so we can watch every time we need to see a beautiful big cat

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Beautiful Big Cat Pictures

Whenever I see a majestic big cat I am thankful that I can have a domesticated smaller version at home. Whenever I am at a zoo and can see the wild cats I am amazed at the stature, size and strength of the big beasts. What strikes me is how much our small indoor cats share with their larger wild cousins as far as behavior and movements go. The grooming, the stalking, the head kisses are all shared from the

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Superstitions, Legends & Symbolism Of White Cats Around The World

When you think about the adorable nature and endearing curiosity of your pet cat, it’s not far-fetched to contemplate the delightful relationship between humans and pet cats in general.

This relationship is a legacy that extends back to over 9,500 years ago. Understandably, for a legacy this long, the innate behavioral patterns and biological characteristics of cats have fueled deep-rooted speculation.

Over time, these speculations informed mythical beliefs and legends. Just as importantly, these myths were subject to changes and

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Tonga the White Serval is a Survivor

We recently received two servals at our local zoo and they are beautiful! Back at home I was looking for more information about these amazing creatures that reminded me a bit of a small cheetah, with their long legs and small heads. I found a story about some servals at Big Cat Recue in Flordia, one that was a bit sad about the health problems with big cats that grow up in zoos. Tonga, a rare white serval, had cancer

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Big White Cats

White Lion

White cats are not limited to small to medium size feline you could cuddle at home. There are also big white cats, which you should also consider family to your pets. These big cat counterparts are termed wild cats for they commonly thrive in the forest. They are not usually adopted as pets due to their high or violent temperament.

There are different species referring to wild white cats. Conclusively, the cats are considered part of

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