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The Automatic Cat Feeder

surechip-cat-feeder-reviewstWhen Casper and Lily came to live with us from the SPCA we needed to find a way to control feeding at home because our cat Alaska is a small kitty who eats a bit at a time when she is hungry and Casper & Lily were used to different feeding conditions and tended to eat as much food as possible at once and they would be trying to eat poor Alaska’s food.

We tried the microchip feeders, one for each cat, and they are the best thing! We love our feeders and the cats seem to like them too! They look like astro-cats or some modern space cats with their automated feeders sliding open when they approach the bowl.

It’s perfect for the weight management routine we have the two younger cats on.

The feeder ensures that the designated pets access their own food. Compatible with all worldwide implanted identification microchips, can store up to 32 in memory.


Suitable for animals on prescription diets or weight management programs. Lid forms a seal with the top of the food bowl keeping food fresher for longer and preventing flies from getting to the food.

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