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by Jackie Huck

I’m an old grey cat letting life slip by,
Nothing disturbs as I twitch and sigh,
My silken fur is grizzled and dank,
My sturdy frame is frail and lank,
It’s a shadow world as my eyesight dims,
A bony old cat with creaking limbs,
But my heart beats strong with a faithful thud And I have to say that life’s been good.
I’ve lain for hours in the kindly sun,
Chased autumn leaves just for fun,
I used to climb in the highest tree,
I caught a rat bigger than me,
I’ve hunted mice beneath the moon,
Crooned to clouds my special tune,
I’ve been loved and pampered and understood,
There’s not long left,
but it’s all been good.
No rain-soaked nights with dripping hair But a warm fireside and my favourite chair,
No fight to live in a friendless world Just contented dreams on a cushion curled,
No harsh words on a lonely street But a gentle voice and the best to eat,
No hungry stray round the neighbourhood,
I’ve been lucky and life’s been good.
My hours pass slowly,
I sleep all day,
But I sometimes watch while the young ones play Remembering times when I rushed around With agile paws that made no sound,
Then a tender hand strokes my ragged fur,
And I fall asleep with a peaceful purr,
As I drift serenely towards the end,
I know I’ve lived with a cat’s best friend.

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