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Training Cats

How I Trained My Cats

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I Train My Cats With PSYCHOLOGY

Can you train a cat? It turns out that, with a little psychology, you bet you can! Through associative learning, you can condition your cat to do just about anything.

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Basic Cat Training Tips for Beginners | VetBabble

LITTER BOX TRAINING. Training a cat to use a litter box usually isn’t difficult. Cats are generally clean by nature, and have a natural inclination to bury their waste. Use the following steps to train your cat to start using a litter box: Place your cat and a clean litter box (the kind without a cover) in a confined area,...

How to Train a Cat to Do 5 Life-Changing Things | Reader's ...

How to train a cat to: Use a toilet. Training a cat to use the toilet definitely takes some work, but think of the benefits: You’ll save on litter and enjoy a cleaner home. First, place a litter box adjacent to your toilet. Then gradually bring it closer and closer to the top of seat—you might need a stool to make the process easier on the cat.

Cat Training | Cat Behavior | Understanding Cats

No, this is not about cat training boot camp! If training your cat to sit, stay and heel is your goal, perhaps you should get a dog. If training your cat to adroitly perch himself over your toilet to do his business is your goal, perhaps this article is not for you either.

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