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Yarn Cats

Funny Cats Playing with Yarn Compilation

There is something about yarn balls that make cats go crazy (in a cute way of course) and play with them all day long. "Monkey Spinning Monkeys" Kevin ...


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Ethical Kitty Yarn Puffs Cat Toys, 4 Small Balls

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as of July 12, 11:42 PM


  • This toy is durable, long lasting and finished with wear resistant materials that are safe for your pet
  • Satisfy your cat's need to play
  • Package is a Set of 4

Pet Craft Supply Yowlin' Yarn - Multi Color Yarn Balls with Rattle Cat Toys

$7.99  in stock
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as of July 12, 11:42 PM


  • ✅ FELINE-FRIENDLY: Combines a few of a cat's favorite things-balls, yarn, and rattles.
  • ✅ INTERACTIVE: The lightweight ball rolls with ease and will keep your cat on its paws. Encourages a cat's natural instinct to bat, pounce, stalk, and kick.
  • ✅ SAFE PLAY: The yarn is securely attached and does not easily unravel, ensuring safe play for your four-legged friend.
  • ✅ RELIEVES BOREDOM: Keeps cats mentally and physically stimulated for hours. Tip: Spray catnip spray on it to increase interest.
  • ✅ ALL LIFE STAGES: Ideal for kittens, adults, and seniors.

Yarn Cat Crafts - Yarn Cat Crafts Home Page

To take advantage of all that Yarn Cat Crafts website has to offer, please register for a free account today and we will add 100 Yarn Cat Craft Points* to your new account! (*New registered users only)

Cornish Rex Kittens for Sale, Yarn Ball Cattery, Cornish ...

All Yarn Ball Cats/Kittens are purebred, registered Cornish Rex. They are registered with CFA. Upon placement, you will become the registered owner of your new pet kitten. cat yarn

Kitty Cat Yarn Bowl by Award-Winning Artist Judith Stiles. Handmade in USA (Cape Cod). Pottery Knitting & Crochet Bowl, Handmade Durable Pottery. Gift for Knitters, Cat Lovers and Animal Lovers.

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